This is how you neighbor.

Watch the video

Meet the smart neighborhood watch.

Monitor neighborhood activity View live video feeds in the Streety app or monitor neighborhood activity like checking in on the kids or watching a neighbor’s house while they are away.

Share video and solve together.

You and your neighbors can resolve issues and answer questions by easily requesting, approving, and sharing video clips.

A trusted, private network.

Prioritizing your privacy Streety measures your neighborhood in yards, not miles, and uses third-party verification to confirm that sharing requests only come from your actual neighbors.

Available to everyone You don’t have to have an outdoor camera to participate in Streety. You can still make comments and view shared video.

Track stolen packages.

By expanding your network of cameras you can track any runaway packages (or getaway vehicles) across the neighborhood. And even if your cameras don’t get a good view, there is a good chance one of your neighbor’s cameras will.

Find your children or pets.

With the Streety app, you can keep an eye on neighborhood play areas. If your loved ones can’t be found, you can send out a distress call to your Streety neighbors and coordinate a search.

Start making your neighborhood a safer place right from your smartphone with Streety.

Join your neighborhood.